Friday, March 8, 2013

Explore recently designed youtube one channels

As you probably know by now, youtube's redesigned 'one channel' layout is now available to all users.
We've gathered a few examples of channel using the new design.

(Learn how to opt in for new design here)
(Download a free template here)
young hollywood youtube one
youtube one channel annoying orange
youtube one channel joe penna mysteryguitarman

real madrid youtube one channel

It's here! YouTube One Channel, now available for everyone!

YouTube One Channel, now available for everyone

The youtube creators blog just announced the release of the new YouTube One Channel to everyone! Go here to download a free template!
This change is part of a redesign face that google is going through to optimize web pages for fluid view throughout all devices. Check out the new Google Plus Cover design templates here.

To Switch to the new YouTube channel design Go Here. (And scroll down to the bottom of the page!)

Below is the original post from the creators blog:

We’re happy to announce that YouTube One Channel is open for everyone.
You may have noticed that some YouTube channels have a new look. We’ve been running a limited beta test, and after collecting and implementing lots of feedback from creators, we’re ready for all channels on YouTube to upgrade to the new design.
The main focus of this update is to make your new channel look great on browsers across all screens and devices. It will also help you convert more visitors into subscribers with a slot for a channel trailer, and you can customize how you organize your videos and playlists so it fits your programming strategy.
Try these three activities to get the most out of your new channel:
1. Create a trailer, which will play for any visitor who isn’t yet subscribed to your channel. This is your chance to hook them and win a new fan. Treat this trailer as if it were an ad. Keep it short and engaging and have a compelling call to action at the end.
2. Create and upload a big, beautiful piece of Channel Art. This will act as your channel’s visual identity. And unlike the branding on the old channels, it will look good across all screens and devices, no matter how big or small.
3. Organize your channel’s videos and playlists so they work best for your audience and programming. With the new channel home and customizable sections, you’re in control of what subscribers see when they click on your channel from the guide.

Check out and click the button at the bottom to get started. We’ll migrate your channel to the new design, and walk you through it. For a limited time, you’ll be able to switch back to the previous design if you like.
For more tips and strategies for how to optimize your YouTube One Channel, check out Channel Optimization in the YouTube Creator Playbook.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

YouTube One Channel 2013 - Free Template Download

Free Youtube One Channel Template 2013

Youtube one channel forced on all channels on June 5th!
Below you'll find a free photoshop format file to download.
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Download Youtube one channel Template

The steps to use the template are:

1. Opt in to upgrade to the new YouTube one channel here (scroll to bottom of the page).
2. Download the template from above.
3. Insert your own channel art (following the design rules and guides)
4. Upload to Youtube as your new channel art 

YouTube is rolling out the new one channel design:

See the official sizes of the youtube one channel dimensions here. 

Read Why should you care about the new YouTube One Channel design? 

Get ready for the new youtube one channel design, download the free template here.

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