Sunday, March 3, 2013

YouTube One Channel 2013 - Free Template Download

YouTube One Channel Template Download

Free Youtube One Channel Template 2013

Youtube one channel forced on all channels on June 5th!
Below you'll find a free photoshop format file to download.
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Download Youtube one channel Template

The steps to use the template are:

1. Opt in to upgrade to the new YouTube one channel here (scroll to bottom of the page).
2. Download the template from above.
3. Insert your own channel art (following the design rules and guides)
4. Upload to Youtube as your new channel art 

YouTube is rolling out the new one channel design:

See the official sizes of the youtube one channel dimensions here. 

Read Why should you care about the new YouTube One Channel design? 

Get ready for the new youtube one channel design, download the free template here.


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