Friday, February 1, 2013

What is Tape Mode in Youtube? New VHS feature in videos ;)

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You might have noticed in several videos on Youtube a feature called Enable Tape Mode.

Here are screenshot:
YouTube Tape Mode Enabled Paused Mode image
YouTube Tape Mode Enabled (Paused)
YouTube Tape Mode Enabled (Play)

This feature is only available in selected videos, check this one out as an example:

Watch live example

So what is this about and what does it do?
What it does is makes videos look fuzzy and blurred and adds static just like old VHS tapes. So basically you can now watch videos in VHS tape quality. Great isn't it???

Well... Maybe not... :) So why was this feature added today done?

It was added as a commemoration to the day when the first videotape was presented - back in 14 April, 1956. You can read more on wikipedia here.


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